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About Us

Welcome to our
Visionary World

where the art of mobile massage, the serenity of meditation, and the exploration of travel intersect to nurture your spiritual well-being. At Mobile Massage Europe, we elevate consciousness, one touch, one breath, and one destination at a time.

We are an international mobile massage service that offers a wide range of massage techniques. We aim to provide our clients with the best possible experience. Our team of licensed massage therapists are trained to help you relax, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being.

We are driven by a passion to redefine the landscape of massage therapy, setting a new standard of excellence that transcends mere relaxation. Our commitment is unwavering, guided by the principle that every touch should be imbued with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and respect. ​
In an industry often clouded by misconceptions and stigma, we stand as a beacon of trust and reliability. Our ethos is rooted in safeguarding the dignity of massage therapists, providing them with a sanctuary where their skills are celebrated and their boundaries respected.​

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Drawing inspiration from the meticulous cleanliness protocols observed in hospitals, we ensure that every aspect of our service meets the most exigent standard of hygiene and safety.
Just as nurses keep the highest care, we create an environment where both clients and therapists feel secure and respected.



​Our vision extends beyond transactions;
It encompasses a broader mission to foster a community of spiritual seekers, adventurous travellers and wellness enthusiasts. Through our travel blog, we invite you to embark on an adventure of self-discovery, exploring the world's hidden gems while nurturing your inner peace.

Where we stand, trustworthiness and reliability are not just words, they are the cornerstone of everything we do. Join us on our quest for more awareness and relaxation on a transformative experience towards spiritual awakening and holistic well-being.

We cater to people who want to be pampered without having to leave their homes, Hotel or offices. Our mission is to help you feel your best self, no matter where you are. 

At Mobile Massage Europe, we redefine relaxation, bringing the spa to your doorstep with a commitment to safety, hygiene, and personalized indulgence. 


Your Well-being Takes Center Stage In the realm of mobile massage across European countries, Mobile Massage Europe stands as a beacon of unparalleled luxury and well-being. Beyond the tranquility we bring to your doorstep, we take pride in being pioneers in implementing rigorous hygiene protocols that surpass industry standards.

Our Promise
Elevating Wellness: Unveiling Unprecedented Hygiene Standards in Mobile Massage Across Europe

Setting the Standard: Rigorous Protocols for a Clean and Secure Environment Unmatched Cleanliness Inspired by Hospital Techniques. We redefine hygiene in the world of mobile massage. Unlike traditional practices that may compromise cleanliness, we have adopted techniques akin to those used by nurses in hospitals. Every step of our cleaning process reflects a commitment to excellence and your safety.

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Individualized Linens for Every Session:Gone are the days of shared towels and questionable hygiene habits. We provide a fresh set of linens for each massage session. This not only ensures a clean and secure environment but also reflects our unwavering dedication to your well-being.

Medical-Grade Disinfectants and Sterilization:Our commitment to cleanliness extends to the use of medical-grade disinfectants and sterilization procedures. From massage tables to equipment, every surface is meticulously cleaned and sanitized to guarantee a hygienic experience that aligns with the highest healthcare standards.

Client-Centric Approach:At the core of our philosophy is a profound respect for every individual's well-being. We view our clients not merely as financial resources but as partners in their wellness journey. Our client-centric approach ensures that your health and satisfaction are paramount in every aspect of our service.

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What Sets Mobile Massage Europe Apart

Transparent and Effortless Booking: Our user-friendly online platform simplifies the booking process, putting you in control of your wellness journey. Choose your preferred treatment, therapist, and location effortlessly, all while having peace of mind about the rigorous hygiene measures we uphold.

Tailored Wellness Experience: Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Mobile Massage Europe delivers a tailored wellness experience. Our skilled international massage therapists specialize in adapting their techniques to meet your unique needs, ensuring that every session caters to your individual preferences and requirements.

In a world where well-being should never be compromised, Mobile Massage Europe emerges as the trusted partner in elevating your wellness journey. From the moment you book a session to the post-massage glow, experience the difference that rigorous hygiene protocols and a client-centric approach make. Because we believe that your well-being deserves nothing but the best.


My name is Adriana Cantuaria

I am a dedicated nurse and a massage therapist from Brazil with a profound commitment to the art of massage therapy. From a young age, I have learned the healing touch through my family.

My journey into the realm of massage therapy has been fueled by a deep-seated passion to facilitate healing and promote holistic well-being. With many years of experience in nursing and a specialization in massage therapy, mindfulness and meditation, I bring a unique blend of professionalism and heartfelt dedication to every interaction.

Whether you seek relief from chronic pain, stress reduction, or simply a moment of tranquility in your busy life, I am committed to tailoring each session to meet your individual needs and preferences.

We prioritize safety, integrity, and the highest quality of care and

Thank you for considering Mobile Massage Europe for your wellness journey. I look forward to the privilege of accompanying you on the path to optimal health and vitality.

Warmest regards,

Adriana Cantuaria,
Owner, Mobile Massage Europe

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